Getting a reverse osmosis water system

When I first started hearing about reverse osmosis water systems, I wasn’t exactly sure what they were.

  • I assumed that it was some kind of water filtration option.

Once I did some research, I realized that this type of system offers numerous benefits for homeowners. Installing an RO system provides a limitless supply of clean, safe and better-tasting drinking water. It can also help to reduce household expenses. My home is outfitted with a water well on the property. We have always had issues with harmful contaminants that caused discoloration and an unpleasant smell. I worried about the long-term health effects of drinking the water and used to buy bottled water for my family. Carrying cases of bottled water was a hassle. I was also unhappy about adding so many plastic containers to our landfills. Installing a reverse osmosis system proved to be a rewarding decision. Our water is now so much better for cooking, hydrating and making beverages such as tea, coffee and lemonade. The system is capable of removing all different types of pathogens and impurities regularly found in tap water, including lead, nitrates, viruses, bacteria, mercury and particulates. Compared to other options such as a filter at the faucet, RO systems target a wider variety of concerns. It is a powerful, multi-stage water treatment process utilizing numerous filtration media prior to feeding the water across a semipermeable membrane. While the purchase of the system was an investment, it has been invaluable to the functionality and enjoyment of our home. We can now drink water straight from the tap with confidence.

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