I need a full-time Heating & Air Conditioning tech to work for me

When you handle this many rental properties, you are regularly having to solve problems and be “putting out fires” as the saying goes. Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with a real fire! Many of the problems here have to do with around-the-house repairs and upkeep, so I keep a handyman named Max on retainer. If I was making more money I would hire a property manager to deal with all this crap for me, but for now I have to handle it myself. Max is very skilled in most domestic works, but is not certified in Heating & Air Conditioning systems repairs, which means that I need to task with a local corporation. I own a lot of rental properties, and it is so very overpriced paying the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation every time there is another problem, you know why? Because there is regularly a problem! Renters will never lift a finger to maintain their own properties, which means every last thing from increasing the air filters to replacing the batteries in the temperature controls is up to myself, Max and our team. I have made Max an offer to pay for his evening classes if he wants to learn Heating & Air Conditioning repair himself, even if I will pay for his books and Heating & Air Conditioning training courses it will still be way cheaper than what I pay the corporation every week. The Heating & Air Conditioning industry is very strict, and if you do not have proper certification you cannot legally task on heating the cooling systems. If Max isn’t interested in taking classes to learn Heating & Air Conditioning repairs, perhaps I need to look for a modern handyman.


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