It’s time to be our own boss

I was working with Max, the son of the boss.

Everyone knew that Max was a louse and a layabout, but all of us were not aware that he had been drinking on the task.

Thanks to Max being sloppy drunk at the air duct installation there was a big accident, one that sent myself and others to the hospital. The boss paid all our hospital bills, and gave myself and others paid leave, mostly because he didn’t want myself and others to sue his butt off about Max! When I was mobile enough, and was in a wheelchair, the boss put myself and others to task in the office instead of the field. I needed to learn the business side of the heating and cooling business, one I was not regular with. As I reclaimed my leg l received that I could, especially after finding out that Max was in line to take over the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation one morning. The owner wanted Max to follow in his footsteps, even though Max was poorly suited to manage a large Heating & Air Conditioning corporation like this one. The thought that one morning I would have to answer to Max made myself and others realize that I should consider being an Heating & Air Conditioning corporation for myself. I knew all about the morning-to-day operations of an Heating & Air Conditioning expert, but now I was learning about the paperwork, the insurance, and the invoices. In a few weeks I will be ready to head back into the field and start entirely working on cooling systems again, and by that point I hope to set up a long-term corporation system for our future. I think it’s time to be our own boss.

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