Rental properties and their sketchy Aiir Conditioning systems

Most of our tenants suppose that I own their rental properties.

In fact I am a property supervisor, a professional paid to handle all the details on behalf of the owner.

My boss owns fifteen bizarre houses and duplexes, spread out all across the area. Most of our afternoons are spent in the car, driving between the office and one of the rental spots, either for an inspection issue, to collect a debt, or to meet with a tradesperson for an appointment. I own none of the properties, I am just the hatchetman for the boss. My cousin Ed is a certified Heating and Air Conditioning professional, and I hooked Ed up with our boss to be the on-call repair pro for all our heating and cooling needs. In this end of the country air conditioner is genuinely important for about half of the year! Most People can live separate from heating for a long time and never realize anything is wrong, but the moment an A/C breaks I will get a iphone call. Ed works for a local Heating and Air Conditioning business, but this is his side-gig. Whenever there is a major Heating and Air Conditioning emergency, and Ed isn’t at his respected task, he will come over and check it out. I guess it’s a hassle for him, but the pay is good! Because Ed is unquestionably working off the books, he can charge about half of what an Heating and Air Conditioning business would, and it’s all profit for him! Ed makes more, and our boss saves more, so it’s a win-win for most people! If there is an Heating and Air Conditioning emergency while Ed is at work, then the tenant just has to wait.


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