What to do when the heater breaks

I am ecstatic that I spent so much time in the Girl Scouts when I was young.

I didn’t like the badges, or selling their cookies, or any of that crap.

What I did like was learning upscale survival skills. It was neat to learn how to stay alive in the wilderness, or how to find your way beach house when you got lost. Those felt like crucial life skills that I could use to endure just about any situation. It constantly surprises myself and others that so few people know how to make a fire. I don’t mean turning on the gas grill, or increasing your temperature control, but definitely building a real fire. If the electricity goes out, and you don’t have your upscale Heating & Air Conditioning system to rely on, how will you keep warm? When our kids were seasoned enough, all of us decided to go to spend a couple of days at a remote lake house in the woods, one that had no electricity or weather conditions control equipment. It was supposed to be a frigid weekend, and I wanted the kids to learn how to build a quality fire in the fireplace. They were bummed about it at first, moreso about the lack of wireless connection than the lack of heating. Then I showed them how much fun it could be to stack the wood in the fireplace and light them ablaze. I taught them how to manage the fire, and how to tend it so it didn’t get out of control. I hope they never have a life-or-death emergency that involves heating, but if that does happen, they will be prepared. Just like the motto of the Boy Scouts.
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