New job plus new HVAC technology: an exciting time in my life

I worked at a particular HVAC company for about years before we were laid off because of the pandemic.

I was honestly devastated and disoriented.

I had no clue what to do with myself or my skills. I decided it was a good time to relax and take a break from work, but I would still send my application to different HVAC businesses. Though I am conversant with all the HVAC brands, there are a few I prefer to work with or for. Besides, they all do the same thing, helping with indoor comfort. After a year out of work and a forced vacation, I finally heard back from one HVAC provider. They employed me, and before I started working, an HVAC repairman was assigned to help me get acquainted with the new HVAC equipment. The most inspiring thing about the industry is that even when the world was going through a devastating pandemic, the HVAC professionals were busy developing new HVAC technology. I guess they did not want to be depressed by the ongoing pandemic. Whatever the reason, they had come up with exciting stuff that would change how customers interact with HVAC units. The experts put quality in quality HVAC systems because what they came up with was life-changing. I took a week to learn to do the HVAC maintenance of the new systems, including a smart thermostat. That week was fascinating for me. I went from holidaying at my grandma’s farm to learning about how to do HVAC installation for the new systems. Within a month, I had mastered everything about the new systems, and after a while, I became a veteran, just like my trainee.

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