Finding the best way to determine my air quality in my house

I am trying to find out if the air quality in my lake house is entirely terrible or if it just needs some small indoor media air cleaner to fix it, then the only way I am going to find out about this is by finding an air quality specialist in my area! And air quality specialists are much like heating plus air conditioner specialists; however instead of dealing in heating plus air conditioner they deal in nothing however air quality plus all kinds of indoor media air cleaners, including whole lake house media air cleaners! I found one air quality specialist that is slightly outside of my part plus they charge extra for a long distance trip.

  • And I may also end up calling that air quality specialist to have them come in plus test the air quality in my home.

This is of course if I can not find another air quality specialist near me! So far I am not seeing any so this may be the best plus only occasion to get the indoor air quality of my lake house fully tested plus find out the best course of a solution to indoor air cleaning. I am fearing I may have to invest in a whole lake house media air cleaner, which is going to be thousands of dollars. I am not sure if I can entirely afford to do that unless I was able to get on some kind of a payment plan. It is all going to depend on a lot of things I think if I go for that or not if I am told that the whole lake house air purification idea is the only solution to my entire problem.