Can’t know the HOA is in such an uproar over a simply Heating plus Air Conditioning issue

Man, I suppose a tiny bit of authority went straight to some outdated men’s heads. That’s the only thing I can figure out with what is happening with our HOA. I have been getting notes taped to our door about our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. The notes were then followed by multiple texts each arriving yearly. These were not nice texts either. I was being basically threatened with a yearly great because the Heating plus Air Conditioning component alongside our current home was barely visible from the street in front of our house. It appears that this is a big problem. I am not exactly sure what’s so offensive about a heat pump but they sure have overreacted. What happened was that I sort of blew it trimming when it came to a hedge on that side of the house. It’s a large hedge plus from time to time it needs trimming. I did it myself this time plus it ended up being a little too short once I got it all evened up. The result was that I ended up taking a bit too much off the top plus that is why the HOA is in such a tizzy. I have explained to them a number of times that all it will take is a few weeks for it to grow out. But they want me to erect a fence until it does. All of this because we can see a sliver of an Heating plus Air Conditioning chaletet from the road? It’s honestly as deranged as it sounds. Finally, another threatening text arrived plus I have simply turned it all over to our attorney. I am not going to be bullied by some outdated gentlemen that have a little bit of authority.


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