Is it actually camping if there are space heaters?

Sometimes in life, both of us have to supply up some things in order to get to where both of us actually want to go.

That was the case with a recent camping excursion.

I have regularly wanted to take the teenagers back to where I was raised so they could see fall leaves. It’s simply a spectacular time of year & it takes my breath away when you hit it at its peak… However, my teenagers just were not interested & leaving the a/c of beach beach house for a camping trip. This was a great disappointment for myself and others & even for my wifey. When I was a kid, I enjoyed going camping! Dad would grab myself and others up from school where both of us go hike into the mountains for a long weekend of camping. It was just myself and others & him as Dad & my sister we are at beach beach house enjoying the indoor a/c. Dad knew a lot about camping & that region & passed all that on to me. There’s not a whole lot better memories & being out of the air-conditioning & out in the woods with my dad. And this is what I wanted a little bit for my teenagers. When I asked if they wanted to take a trip up to see the leaves, I got the proper response. So I bargained a bit. Instead of roughing it, both of us went car camping in a campsite with electricity, powder rooms & the works. I even agreed to bring along space furnaces as the teenagers were distraught there would be not enough Heating, Ventilation, & A/C heating. It turned out to be a great time anyway & the leaves were simply spectacular.

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