Just can’t get over how much I love the new HVAC

Initially, I tried to go online to figure out just what we wanted when it came to our next residential HVAC.

It was clear that this was something that needed an HVAC professional to help guide me to the right HVAC unit.

It was only a few weeks before we met with the HVAC contractor that our HVAC technician had informed us our heat pump was dying. This wasn’t a big surprise since the HVAC equipment was 28 years old. I felt so fortunate to have gotten that much quality heating and air out of what really was sort of a base line residential HVAC unit. But with all the HVAC maintenance that HVAC unit has gotten over the years, it just kept working. After the HVAC technician informed us that it was time to make a plan to replace the HPAC unit, that’s what I went online. Of course, that was a waste of time as there was just way too much information on the internet for me to really even understand. So thankfully the HVAC contractor got us what we needed. That HVAC professional actually came to our house, did an inspection and then sat down to listen to our heating and cooling needs. We were able to find the perfect blend of HVAC technology and efficiency. These days I’m still just blown away by how impressive this new HVAC unit really is. We live where the summer heat is oppressive and this summer was a dream with perfect HVAC cooling. I’m also loving how much money the new residential HVAC is saving us on utility costs!


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