Now I wish I’d gotten the air conditioning tune up

Our region is known for some rather abrupt and unusual weather patterns.

That’s never more true than in the fall and the spring.

We just don’t get enough great weather in the fall and in the spring. Which is quite sad. The winter here is tough. The gas furnace is on well before Halloween and that HVAC heating goes nonstop into April. Indeed it can get weird. The spring weather can go from snow to sun in a week. I’ve always found this to be so strange. Every single fall, I call the HVAC company. I’ll call to make an appointment for HVAC heating maintenance. There’s no way I’m going into a winner without having the gas furnace ready and prepared for The long winter. It gets inspected from top to bottom and tuned up with new parts when needed. This means we go into winter with the best efficiency as well as peace of mind that the gas furnace is in good shape. Yet, when it comes to the air conditioning tune up, I sometimes forget. I forgot last spring. A heat wave hit in April like it sometimes does. And I fired up the air conditioning without HVAC maintenance. After a few days, there was definitely something wrong with the air conditioning. So I called the HVAC professionals who came out and repaired it. It wasn’t a super expensive repair. But the HVAC technician told me it wouldn’t have happened at all had I gotten the HVAC maintenance. That spurred me to do something I probably should have done years ago. I called the HVAC company and signed up for the HVAC service plan.

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