Pay attention to the details when it comes to HVAC

There was just something about building our own house that my wife and I were just super intrigued about.

But we were also afraid of taking on such a massive and detail heavy projects. We had heard all sorts of horror stories about building a house. Almost everyone inside the commercial HVAC of my office had some horrible story to relay. When it came time to upgrade the HVAC equipment and sell our family home, there was a decision that had to be made. There were plenty of late nights inside the air conditioning of our home going over all of our options. However, the tipping point was when we downloaded a program that helps you design your own home. From there we were all in. I think the fact that we spent a couple of years considering and planning for the home we wanted to build was key. It allowed us to treat everything as essential. And this goes double when it comes to heating and cooling in our new place. We interviewed many HVAC contractors until we found just the right HVAC professional. The biggest reason we did that was so the HVAC equipment we had chosen was installed properly. We went with a geothermal heat pump and that has to be precisely installed or you don’t get the full benefit. So we had to make sure that we had a real HVAC professional with experience. Turns out that we found just the right HVAC contractor for the job. Not only was the geothermal heat pump installed just right, he was so incredibly thorough when it came to the entire process.

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