Pets are getting their own ductless heat pump

It was just time for the animals to be in one spot and the family in another.

There were just too many wayward pets for me to handle. I love the fact that my wife and daughter are looking after so many lost pets. But it really was starting to affect the life we lead in our home. When it got to the point that the HVAC equipment came into play, I knew it was time to look for some alternatives when it came to sheltering these pets. Just over a year ago, my daughter and my wife started taking in strays that they found in order to find them new homes. Some of these pets were simply lost and were delivered back to their original owners. Many of the other animals have just just been tossed out and my girls find them new homes. Hard to understand how someone could have abandon an animal. But I’m thankful for people like my wife and daughter. At the same time, I was having to change the air filter on the HVAC equipment at least once a week. This was used all the pet hair and dander. And I wasn’t able to come home and relax in the air conditioning at all due to all the animals in our home. So the community helped out with some fund raising to put an addition onto the garage for the pets. Even the local HVAC company chipped in. They donated a ductless heat pump and installed it for free. Now the animals have their space with good heating and cooling and I have my house back a bit.

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