Totally perfect indoor air quality thanks to our new air purifier

It took us just about 18 months to save up for this type of air purifier.

  • It wasn’t cheap to have a whole home air purification system installed by the HVAC professionals.

However, it was worth every penny. My wife and I learned all about the need for good indoor air quality once the pandemic arrived. My wife has a health issue that puts her at high risk of having serious illness due to the covid virus. So from the very beginning, she and I were staying inside the air conditioning of our home almost all the time. I understand that there are so many other people who had it far tougher than we did. And those people are the ones that I think of often now that we are starting to live this new normal. But prior to the pandemic, I really didn’t have a concept of how important indoor air quality really is. In most of our homes, there are so many things that are synthetic. From the carpet to the furniture, synthetics are leaching out into the air that we breathe. Combine that with pet dander and pollen from outside and the respiratory system is under near constant attack. Of course, this drags down the immune response. And we are living in a day and age where we have to have a strong immune system. We switched to a HEPA filter first while we were saving for the air purifier. But now that we have the whole home air purification system, our house has been transformed. We easily have the best indoor air quality we could ever ask for.

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