Getting my A/C unit from my friend who is an A/C provider

I visited our old friend James who recently started an indoor comfort business. We have been friends for a long time. And now that I have decided to buy a multi-split a/c, it would be nice if I get it from him since he is now an a/c provider. When I arrived at his shop, he was satisfied to see me since it had been a long since we saw each other, he has a big business, and he even employed other people who helped him run the industry, such as the a/c worker, the a/c serviceman and a cashier. He told me how he typically wanted to begin his own business, and now he was satisfied. He has been in the cooling industry for a long time. He was previously entirely working in an a/c business and acquired a lot of experience plus nice connections. After a long talk, he showed me the different components and how they work. He explained to me more about a/c plus how some component is of nice quality and gives nice air quality. After showing me all the gear, he later recommended the component to me, and I decided to buy it since I knew he was an expert plus would choose a quality a/c for me. He also helped me with the HVAC replacement and sent his workers to our home for heating plus air conditioning maintenance. That way, our component will remain in great condition, and I will avoid having a/c repair, which can be a little costly, especially when the component is not taken care of. After I returned home, our program was okay, and the control component was okay



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