I refused central air conditioning.

When I had my new furnace installed, the HVAC technician asked if I wanted my central air conditioning unit installed.

I told him I didn’t want central air conditioning. I was quite happy with my window air conditioners. He looked at me like I was crazy and said that central air conditioning was more convenient and it gave better cooling. I wouldn’t argue with him, but I also wouldn’t allow him to talk me into buying central air conditioning. I liked my window air conditioning units. I didn’t have thermostats connected to a smart thermostat where I could turn the AC units off and on at will, but I didn’t have the AC units turned on unless someone was in the room. It took little time to cool a room and I couldn’t see wasting energy keeping it running all the time. All the window air conditioning units, but the one in the rooms we were using, were turned off. I told the HVAC technician that our home was always comfortable and it cost me less than $20 a month to cool the house. My sister had central air conditioning, her bill went up almost $100 a month during the summer hours. He tried to tell me that was an exception, but I had already tuned him out. All I wanted was to have the new furnace installed, and if he couldn’t do that for me, I was going to call another HVAC company who would give me a furnace without a central air conditioning unit. He changed his tactics and installed the new furnace.



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