I wanted to talk to the HVAC technician.

During my junior year of high school, I attended a job fair.

  • They had several booths with HVAC technician from different HVAC companies in the area.

I enjoyed listening to them talk about how exciting it was to be HVAC technicians. When I got home, I talked to my dad and told him I was considering becoming an HVAC technician and not going to college. He was okay with my not going to college as long as I got a career that would get me through life. He didn’t want me to not go to school and shuffle through life with a job at a fast food counter. I had just graduated high school when my father had the HVAC technician come to the house to do service and maintenance on the air conditioning unit. While he was there, I wanted to talk to the HVAC technician and see if he thought he had made a good choice in careers. While my dad was talking to him, I waited patiently for my turn. He was heading for the door when I asked if I could talk to him? I asked him why he chose HVAC as a career, and if he ever regretted. He said that everyone had regrets about their career choice, but you had to weigh the regrets against the rewards. When he said he always had something happen through the day that made him laugh, it did not impress me. He also said he helped many people. He finally looked at me and said people had different reasons for loving their job, but one never said they wished they hadn’t become an HVAC technician, even if they changed jobs.
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