My furnace wasn’t working properly, and I wanted another one.

Last year, my furnace wasn’t working properly, and I wanted another one.

  • I had been having a lot of problems with the furnace throughout the winter, and I was done with it.

I didn’t know if the HVAC technician didn’t know how to repair the furnace, or if it was the furnace itself, but I knew it was time to get a new furnace. Our furnace was over twenty years old, and we knew it was going to need replaced. I couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on repairs when I would be replacing it shortly. I tried to explain this to the HVAC technician, but he wasn’t listening. He was more interested in making expensive repairs to keep the furnace running. I wasn’t sure how long the furnace would last, so I called the HVAC company to order a new furnace. Instead of coming in for me to put in an order, the HVAC technician was there thinking he was supposed to make repairs. I had to call the HVAC company and have them let him know he was to help me order the new furnace. He was still reluctant to help me put in the order and not allow him to inspect the furnace first, but I didn’t care. I knew what I wanted. I was the person who was going to pay the bills, and I was the one was going to decide on repairs or replacement. After talking to the HVAC company, the technician helped me put in the order and I was finally going to get the new furnace.

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