Why would anyone choose to use window a/c units?

My mother & father have always had central heating & a/c… I couldn’t imagine what it would be love to not have central HVAC, when I moved in with my bestie, she only had window a/c units.

I asked why anyone would choose to use window AC units & not have central a/c, she told me the loft originally belonged to her Grandparents, & there wasn’t central HVAC in the house.

They had total electric heating & the window AC units were in excellent condition. She would not get rid of the electric heat just so she could have central a/c. I was a bit at odds about window AC units, although I wanted to be with her, so I would not complain too much. I wanted to do more than complain as I thought about how much energy was being wasted, although I didn’t. I figured she would figure it out eventually, & she paid the electric bill, after a couple of weeks, I wasn’t concerned about the electric heating. The energy bill wasn’t nearly as high as I had thought it would be, & I was enthusiastic with how comfortable it was in the house. The loft was older, & I was sure it didn’t have enjoyable insulation, however it surprised me at how moderate it was, & how little it cost to run the electric heat. I figured I would learn more about window a/c when Summer arrived, however until then, I was enthusiastic residing where I was & the loft was moderate & comfortable.

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