Ally and I don’t have to worry about the furnace now

Ally and I moved here last year so now I certainly don’t have to worry about the oil furnace hardly at all now.

I’m certainly thrilled about that, too, because before this, I was constantly having to pay for pricey oil furnace repairs at the other place.

The oil furnace at the other home was super old, and it probably should have been replaced many years ago. I put it off for a long time, and by the time it stopped working entirely while we were in the middle of the Wintertime, it was too far gone to be fixed. It was totally broken and whenever I had the Heating as well as Air Conditioning service tech come over to the house, he told me that there would certainly be no point in trying to maintain it at all. He said that if he were me, then he would just go ahead and replace the whole oil furnace. Well, at that point, Ally and I were already thinking about moving to a odd home and so I decided that I wasn’t going to replace the whole oil furnace. Instead, I decided to just go ahead and find a new apartment instead! Whenever I sold the house, I told the current customers that I wasn’t going to repair the oil furnace and they were totally okay with that. They apparently wanted to install their own heating and cooling systems in the place anyway, so they would have actually ripped out any oil furnace that I had put in! I am certainly feeling cheerful that I’m living in my current locale now so that I never have to worry about that annoying old oil furnace again.


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