Ally has to save money on our heating and cooling bills

Since I got myself laid off last week, my fiance Ally and I have certainly been trying to save money on everything that we can, one of the things that Ally and I have been especially careful about is our monthly heating and cooling costs. Ally decided to go ahead and turn off the central air conditioning early a couple of weeks ago. That was quite a taxing decision for us to make since Ally and I both prefer using the air conditioning while in the warm warmer seasons that we have around here. Even though it was still the warm season when we decided to turn off the air conditioning, Ally felt unquestionably strongly about the fact that we wanted to save money anyway that we could. It was easier for Ally than it was for me, because she’s a single of those people who is frigid just about all the time. I, on the other hand, I’m always hot. It was pretty hard for me to live through the past month without having the air conditioning turned on in the house. The temperature in the home got to be 75 degrees on most mornings, and I just guess that that is miserable. I prefer having the air conditioning settings at around 65 degrees in the warm season. Of course, Ally is consistently freezing when I keep the temperature settings that low… However, I sleep better whenever it’s certainly frigid in the house. I have not been sleeping unquestionably well ever since Ally decided to stop using the air conditioning. The cooling bills are definitely reflecting the fact that we have not been running it much.

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