I came to find that I enjoyed working in the HVAC industry

I originally started working at an HVAC company doing work on the phones.

I was doing this as a part-time job while I was in community college.

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do for a career, but it slowly dawned on me that I enjoyed working at the HVAC company. I learned a lot about different HVAC system issues from customers over the phone. I always arranged appointments to see our professionals, and most of the people were thankful. Of course, I ran into a few angry customers who didn’t appreciate our services, but we mostly got positive reviews. You simply can’t please everyone, that’s just the way things go in life. So eventually, my boss was saying that we needed to sell more heat and AC products and asked if I minded selling these products in different neighborhoods. He said to offer a free gift, request a survey, and try to sell them more HVAC products. It was kind of tough for me at first because everybody was slamming the door in my face. Eventually, I learned that people like hearing about getting a free gift, so I started with that. I was giving people free thermostats which included a free installation from our professionals. People like hearing this, but it was good for our company because it got our people in the door where they could have the chance to offer more services like ductwork cleaning or a free inspection of the HVAC to see what repairs they might need. I was able to sell people cool stuff like UV air purifiers, smart thermostats, and HEPA filters. It was fun, and now I’m in an HVAC trade school going for my official HVAC certification.

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