I can't keep a secret

I have to admit, I have trouble keeping secrets.

This is why nobody ever wants to fill me in on anything they don’t want getting out.

This past Christmas for example, I overheard my parents talking about some gifts they wanted to get for us children. I heard them saying how they wanted to get us all smart window AC units for our bedroom. I was thinking how amazing that would be and I couldn’t wait to tell my siblings about the fantastic news. Well, everybody was kind of mad at me. My siblings were mad because they were expecting those smart window AC units, however our parents ended up just upgrading the whole Heating and Air Conditioning system. They had a ductless multi-split system installed. Basically, it was better than some window AC units because we all had our own temperature controls with our own customized temperature control in our rooms. I figured that our father must’ve gotten a nice Christmas bonus because usually he doesn’t go all out like . Not only did we have the best Heating and Air Conditioning system for perfect comfort, however we got tons of other nice gifts. My brother and I got new dirt bikes, our sister got a new big screen TV for her room and we got a brand new iPhone! The awesome thing about our iPhones is that we all were able to get the special smart app for increasing the temperature control settings in our rooms! It couldn’t be more convenient for us, especially when we’re tied up doing homework or reading for tests.


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