I don't mind traffic with good AC

I used to struggle a good deal with traffic when commuting to and from work.

The reason is because I had this old clunker vehicle.

The shocks were shot, so I was practically bouncing on the road. The worst thing though was the weather conditions control system. I never was able to get the air conditioner to last for very long. Even when I would refill the refrigerant to the AC compressor, it never lasted very long. I assumed that meant I had a leak and I didn’t want to deal with it. There were too many problems with that car that didn’t seem worth fixing. The reason why I drove the car was because it got me from point A to point B, and I felt like I shouldn’t be complaining about anything else. Well, eventually I was surprised when my wife and all of my friends surprised me with a new car! Well, it wasn’t brand new, however it was way newer than my old clunker. It only had about 65,000 miles on it which for me was great. I also appreciated that the AC system was undoubtedly working well blowing ice-cold air conditioning. There were no problems at all with the shocks, this car felt remarkably smooth when I drove it. I couldn’t help but to cry because of the fact that my wife and friends were so thoughtful. They undoubtedly didn’t have to do that for me, however of course, it has improved my life significantly since I am constantly comfortable on the road these days, even when traffic is bad!



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