I hope my brother never tries cleaning the ductwork again

It’s kind of ironic that my brother was trying to improve his air quality at home by cleaning his ductwork system.

He used a cheap vacuum with cheap extensions that didn’t go very far.

I mean, personally, I would’ve used a shop-vac if I were going to attempt such a cleaning. His house was a mess with dirt and dust flying everywhere and everybody had to evacuate the house since the air quality became terrible. His wife demanded that he stop and find a better solution. I told him that he needed to call the HVAC professionals to take care of the duct cleaning for him. I gave him the number for one of the best HVAC companies in town, and he called them up. It’s crazy that they all had to check into a hotel while the professionals were coming to take care of the ductwork cleaning. Usually, people don’t have to do that, so that was just an additional expense he could have avoided by not trying to do something he didn’t know how to take care of. The professionals came out, brought their specialized vacuum equipment with unique attachments. They snaked the ductwork and took pictures before and after the job was done. The ductwork was awful and even those guys couldn’t believe my brother tried to tackle it on his own. They explained that some of the contaminants that build-up in the ductwork can be toxic, so it’s really something that needs to be handled by the professionals no matter what. I hope he learned his lesson from this experience.

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