Surely, the old thermostat can be repaired

It was funny when there was an issue with the thermostat recently, everybody asked me to fix it.

They said that I could handle the problem simply because I fixed the printer in the house, and we all shared the printer and we all paid for ink.

This just seemed to be a good way to save money. The only thing I fixed was the paper-jam that happened a couple of times. They all acted like I was some kind of repair expert or in this case, an Heating and Air Conditioning expert. They thought I would have no issue fixing a broken thermostat. I really had no idea what was wrong with it and I told everybody it was probably just old. I told everybody if we wanted our Heating and Air Conditioning to start working again, we would have to buy a new thermostat, however so we all went to the store and looked at the different thermostats, and one roommate recommended going for the smart thermostat that was on sale. It was almost the same price as a proper programmable thermostat, so we opted for the smart one. It really wasn’t hard to install the thermostat after watching an upgrade video! After that, everybody was saying I should be a Heating and Air Conditioning professional. I just laughed and said that would require special training to work on advanced heating and cooling systems. The smart thermostat worked well and it was awesome because we all got the app on our phone to adjust the temperature control settings remotely! The best news was that the thermostat made our energy costs go down a nice amount, which we didn’t even expect.


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