Taking a trip to the zoo

Just about every summer, my family always wants to go to the zoo. Last year when we went, I remember how hot it was and I felt like I was going to collapse halfway through the visit. The zoo we always go to has a long hill. It’s easy to walk down the hill of course, but when you have to leave, you have to walk all the way back up. It’s actually annoying, especially on hot afternoon. I was surprised this year. They added a bunch of new animal exhibits that had advanced high velocity Heating and Air Conditioning systems. The workers at the zoo kept talking about how proud they were of their new exhibits and it was possible to everyone in the community who donated funds for these special projects, and even the reptile home had excellent air conditioning. I was thinking it was going to be warm there because naturally, reptiles need to keep warm since they are cold blooded. They were kept warm, but they were in different zones and were not affected by the air conditioning provided for the zoo goers. Then we just took our time and enjoyed seeing all the different animals. It was such a blast! Also, I loved the fact that they added misting stations that helped cool you down on all the main walkways. The kids especially enjoyed that! It was rough climbing back up the hill to get back to the car, but at least I was able to crank the air conditioning when we got to the van.

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