The HVAC worker answered all my questions

I have to admit, I haven’t been to a mall in a long time, but I guess you could say I’ve become spoiled by shopping online.

  • I like finding the best deals online which are always better deals than anything I can find at the mall, however my wife had a strong case though because she said the children needed to go see Santa Clause.

I was thinking next it was going to be the Easter Bunny, although I guessed that wasn’t such a terrible thing. It would be fun for the girls. They usually have all kinds of nice decorations and music at the mall, so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad! When we went to the mall, I immediately noticed how crowded the parking lot was. That meant the mall was jam packed with people. I was hoping that the temperature control settings would be nice, however with so much body heat, I imagined it was going to be roasting inside the building, however surprisingly, the temperature control settings were on point. When the girls were in line to see Santa, I was talking with another parent there. I told him how impressive the commercial Heating and A/C was in this location and they didn’t have terrible temperature control settings. He said they absolutely had high velocity Heating and A/C systems installed throughout the mall. He said they were installed a few years ago. He knew because he was a part of the crew who performed the installation. He absolutely thanked me for complimenting his professional work, and he was a big advocate for high velocity Heating and A/C systems. He told me about the impressive energy savings and the remarkable speed with heating or cooling a space.



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