We stayed outside in the camper

We went to my sister’s house for vacation a few weeks ago.

  • They live about six hours away from us and so going there to visit is kind of a haul for us! We always pack everything up and we plan on spending the weekend or a few nights whenever we go down to visit.

The last time that we went, the weather had started cooling off just a little bit and so we decided that it would be fun to stay outside in their camper in their driveway. I usually love staying outside in their camper but the temperature outside ended up being a lot cooler than I actually thought it would be. By the time the middle of the night came, we were freezing outside. That’s when I realized that the heating system in the camper wasn’t working and I could not get it to turn on for some reason. I tried and tried to get the heating system going but no matter what I did, it would not turn on. I think that a fuse must have blown or something like that and I did not have any other heating source. I ended up having to go and bang on her door so that she would let me inside the house for the rest of the night. Even though it was really crowded inside, I told them that I would rather be crowded and not freezing than to be outside in the cold camper all by myself. Usually I like my alone time, but this time a furnace was better than being alone!


Heating and air conditioning system