Why he didn't get a smart thermostat

Recently when my control component was having concerns, we decided we just needed a new one, then I asked my husband if he would pick up a smart thermostat at the store since he was going to do some shopping! He did say that I should be the one looking for a control unit, because he wasn’t sure what to get. I told him so long as it said ‘smart’ on the box, it should be fine. So he had a nice day shopping and got a smart thermostat and brought it home, the only problem was, it wasn’t a smart control unit. She pointed out that it was on sale and he saved a lot of money. She said it showed on the box that you can save energy by programming the schedule for your Heating and Air Conditioning to run. She also pointed to a few places on the box where it said this control component is a smart opening for energy saving. So it legitimately did say smart on the box, a few times. That was my own fault and I couldn’t blame our husband at all. I liked the control unit, I knew it would save us money and job just fine, but I wanted to try out a real smart control component that learns your favorite schedule automatically and has advanced possibilities for geofencing. This feature basically tracks where you are located and will adjust the temperature control settings accordingly to save energy when nobody is home. That is a feature that I believe this programmable control component doesn’t have. I’m now wondering if I should just return this control unit and find a nice smart control thermostat like I originally wanted.

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