Getting fit for honeymoon

When our girlfriend suggested, I was absolutely happy, both of us decided on a small birthday with just our immediate family plus absolutely close friends! Our priority was the honeymoon.

Both of us made plans for an extensive hiking trip where we’d camp most of the time.

Our itinerary included some strenuous climbs to reach various waterfalls, scenic overlooks, zip lines plus gorgeous ravines. Both of us realized that the people I was with and I needed to be in absolutely wonderful physical condition to fully care about our honeymoon. Both of us also wanted to look our best in our birthday photos, my fiance plus I briefly attempted to exercise on our own; It didn’t take long to figure out that the people I was with and I needed professional help. With a bit of research, I found a personal trainer who was willing to work with us as a couple; After the initial consultation where the people I was with and I discussed our goals, the people I was with and I set up a schedule to meet four days per week, but the trainer also suggested that the people I was with and I rest down with a nutritionist every week. The nutritionist was seriously helpful to us, then she showed us how to trim calories plus increase our intake of vitamins plus minerals, following her advice, the people I was with and I introduced a good deal of fresh fruits, vegetables plus lean proteins into our diets. Both of us got rid of fast foods, processed foods plus empty calories. The sessions with the personal trainer were positively grueling… She was lovelyly motivational plus supportive separate from allowing us to be lazy. The first few sessions, our fiance plus I weren’t sure we’d survive. Both of us were absolutely stiff plus sore the following day. However, it didn’t take long to start seeing some results. Both of us suddenly looked better plus felt better. Both of us had more energy plus began seeking out activities on our own. By the time of our honeymoon, the people I was with and I were in the best shape of our lives.



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