Door updatement in my southern home

My spouse does the snowbird thing while I live full time down south, and it is great when she is home with me.

I have a big, handyman around to do tasks around the house, but just because we are older doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve my house. I am not all that keen on residing in a little breach shack either. I have sunk quite a bit of money into my southern home. I updated the bedroom, added another powder room and remodeled the master bedroom; My spouse has needed to do a lot of plumbing, Heating and A/C and window updatement for me. I recently was looking at getting a up-to-date front door and a side door, then the side door leads to my bedroom. It is a nice little sneak out point if you want to walk a dog, take a cigarette chop or just get some fresh air. I am a bit nuts about spiders. I know the door is not airtight. It can honestly be kicked in and spiders can come in through the cracks. The front door is pretty ulgy and wobbly as well. I bought myself more than one exterior doors with glass. The front door has a full glass front with concealed blinds. The side door is half glass with the blinds. That way I can get natural light however also have privacy. I am not a door replacement genre of gal though. My spouse isn’t around for weeks. I have been looking into door replacement or door updatement services. I found a door business that is willing to install each door 300 bucks money. I feel that is more than fair.
Roof Replacement