The plumbing contractor suggested some upgrades during the consultation

I contacted a couple of different plumbing contractors so I could get an estimate on some work that I wanted done in my home.

I wanted to make the master bathroom bigger by getting rid of a wall and adding a garden tub.

I knew the remodel was going to take several days to complete. I planned to stay in a hotel while the construction crew was completing the project. I consulted with three separate plumbing contractors. The first plumbing contractor was a young guy that was new to the business. He gave me a basic estimate for the work that I requested. The next contractor was a bit of a salesman. He really tried to sell me the most expensive products including a waterfall shower, radiant heated flooring, and a tankless water heater. I told the guy that I wasn’t interested in all of those upgrades and he became disinterested in the rest of our conversation. The final plumbing contractor that I chose was actually someone recommended to me by a person in my office. The guy was coming with great reviews, but I didn’t know anything about him and he didn’t have a website or online reviews. The young guy was very kind and pleasant. He had a lot of great ideas for the master bathroom. Some of the upgrades were expensive, but he wasn’t trying to sell me a million dollar project. All of the ideas were fresh and interesting. It was because of his vision that I ultimately chose the third contractor to help me complete my vision and residential plumbing remodel.

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