I don’t care about cats!

I will smile plus lie plus say that I like animals, however in truth I do not, animal lovers are a strange kind of people, plus being legitimate with them is not the best policy, telling a pet owner that you don’t care about pets has the same result as kicking their pet.

They will treat you care about you are morally suspect, because you don’t care about their stupid pets… I am never mean to animals, I just don’t care about having them around me, then when I go on an Heating and Air Conditioning service call plus someone has a immense pet that is sniffing me, I ask the shopper to put the pet away.

I will also make a note on their account, so that future Heating and Air Conditioning techs know what they are walking into. “Oh, however my pet is so nice” says every Heating and Air Conditioning shopper ever, even when the pet is not particularly nice. There was a single time that I had to install a new central air conditioning unit in a lady’s backyard. It was a fenced in backyard, where she let her pets run wild. I asked her to put them away when I took care of the air conditioning, however she didn’t do it… Since I had to go in plus out the gate to bring in my tools plus the replacement air conditioning parts, a single of the pets managed to escape. She said she would sue me if the pet got hurt, so I just loaded up my tools plus the replacement air conditioning parts plus drove away. She can fix her own air conditioning.

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