The job qualifications were vast

After I finished with Heating & Air Conditioning technical college, it was hard for myself and others to find a job.

  • There were a lot of locales hiring close to home, although I wanted to transfer to a different town with our current husbandy.

She did not want to stay in our little hometown where there wasn’t anything fun to do on the weekends. Both of us moved a little bit closer to the town & the rent was higher than we anticipated. It took a long time for myself and others to find a job too. I applied for a position with a lot of different heating & A/C companies, then unfortunately, most of those locales wanted the candidate to have at least a single or 2 years of on the job experience & I did not have any at all. I had to work in a pizzeria as a server until I found a full-time position. The job qualifications for that locale included 2 years of training as well, however they let myself and others start & put myself and others on a 90-day probationary period. I had to ride around with someone else & basically do all of the grunt work. I had to start somewhere, so I could not complain after I got a position. I did learn a lot during those 90 mornings & it felt enjoy I did not know anything from the classroom when I thought that I knew everything. I can easily understand why so numerous of the Heating & Air Conditioning corporations only wanted a qualified candidate with more than a single year of Heating & Air Conditioning on the job training. I am now a full-time Heating & Air Conditioning corporation & I officially get overtime at work. The boss trusts myself and others & knows that I am going to get everything done the right way without complaining.


a/c worker