Living with our fiance

I moved in with our fiance about more than two weeks ago! She lives about 400 miles away in the city.

Though our family was sad, I was moving out.

They were happy to visit & were cheerful about our current start; Since I moved at the start of summer, the first night was scorching hot. I couldn’t even sleep comfortably. My fiance apologized because her air conditioning program had malfunctioned a few hours before I landed, & she couldn’t reach any air conditioning company as they were swamped. The first few weeks of Summer are the busiest for cooling specialists. Her neighbor came over to return the grassmower she had borrowed & said she had a buddy who worked in the industry & knew more about air conditioning. The air conditioner rep came the following morning & did some air conditioning repairs. The hour morning was elegant, it was sunny outside, but the newly fixed heat pump gave quality cooling. It was an adventure & a great experience getting to feel & learn from each other. Since I didn’t want a repeat of the cooling device malfunctioning mid-summer, I would schedule any air conditioning tune-ups in mid-fall. I also l earned how to change the air conditioning filters to improve indoor air conditions, then every one of us have gotten into a routine with our cooling product & the air conditioning expert, where both of us schedule any maintenance on the Last month of fall. My fiance works with cooling technology & knows what goes into air conditioning upgrade, however she is not a qualified air conditioner rep as she prefers a desk or lab job to a field job. It was elegant residing together, & it was easier for us to system our ceremony.

a/c serviceman