The heat pump is so versatile

I’m so cheerful that we were able to complete such a important project; Since we are now empty nesters, we have completed a important part of our tasks as parents.

Our teenagers are out of the central A/C of our lake apartment plus making their own lies, and this led our partner plus I to beginning building a smaller lake apartment for Just the 2 of us! I had always wanted to inject our ideas for a apartment in to the design of a custom build, but and we’ve done just that with this house. One of the important components that we wanted to be just right was a central A/C, then for sure, when we replaced the HVAC machine in the family lake apartment to sell it, we got a glimpse of what we have been missing, however residential HVAC sure has come a long way in 25 years since we had last install the heat pump in our home, then now that we were building a custom house, we wanted some custom residential HVAC. Fortunately, we found the perfect HVAC business for the task. This HVAC professional was excited about our ideas from the easily first interview, however both of us wanted to combine HVAC technology, sustainability plus a good residential HVAC all in a single house. The heat pump we ended up choosing is just perfect. It’s got a high SEER rating so it’s some of the most efficient you can find on the market, then we’re getting the both best of both worlds in this heat pump. But even with all the swings in HVAC technology, I am still forever impressed by the versatility of heat pump.


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