Get the HVAC upgraded before you list the house

Okay, so we totally just made a ton of money off selling the family home.

But that’s sort of what we had in mind all along.

We’re just fortunate and grateful to have such good timing. We also upgraded the HVAC equipment the latest when it comes to the current HVAC technology. The HVAC equipment we chose really was the best and it added so much value when it came to selling our home. We had the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done as well. The HVAC professionals only had to replace one section of the ductwork. In fact, I really didn’t want to leave once we had the new residential HVAC. It felt like all I was doing was installing it in to say goodbye to all that great HVAC comfort. But that HVAC equipment was pivotal when it came to the value of our home. I believe it was a major factor in the fact that there were several people bidding for our home. The price of our house just kept going up and up and it was truly exciting to watch. Like I said, we made a lot of money for only owning that home less than 20 years. But then again that was sort of the idea when we bought in this region. It was nice having that new HVAC equipment as we packed up to move. We’re currently renting until we decide just where we want to go what we want to do. But I can assure you that once we were in our new rental house we took the nicest vacation we’ve ever had in our lives.

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