Heating and Air Conditioning savings are a challenge

When it comes to the humdrum aspects of life, I can always count on our partner to keep things exciting.

Is just so much day to day tasks that Ed and I all have to deal with so why not make it interesting.

This is the way Ed and I look at life in order to not get too extreme about it. We’d rather be out here in life than inside the air conditioner worrying. So embracing our challenges in a very fun way is something that Ed and I both assume great about. This past Springtime, Ed and I decided to commit to challenge each other when it came to saving on the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. These costs can be higher around here and have especially been high in our home. Since it’s just Ed and I and our pets, the people I was with and I were spending far too much on Heating and Air Conditioning cooling costs. And it was honestly more out of just not paying enough attention. Ed just left the temperature control wherever he and I happened to leave it and then just paid whatever it cost when it came to utilities. Our summer time comes with so much high heat and humidity we have always overdone it with the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. But through all that time of the air conditioner does not honestly allow your body to adjust to conditions to the heat at all. It just makes the heat assume even more oppressive once you are outside of the central air conditioner. That’s why I last Springtime Ed and I decided to start the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling much later. Ed and I waited all the way to the first month of June to leave the air conditioner on throughout the day. And Ed and I stuck to our temperature control discipline. The challenge paid off because Ed and I saved a bunch of money and applied that to a honestly good vacation this season



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