I was starting to explain the situation

I care about chocolate so much I can’t even begin to explain.

It has gotten me through many hard days with its creamy sweet flavor plus the way it wakes our brain up with endorphins.

I enjoy to eat this one kind of chocolate separate from sugar. It is sweetened with maltitol plus doesn’t cause weight acquire or cavities. I eat more of it on those rainy frigid gloomy days when I am feeling down. This week is a sunny one though plus I am eating our normal small allotment. I will go visit our Heating plus A/C serviceman acquaintance at the Heating plus A/C provider store later to cheer me up plus just to hang out for a while. The lady running the store is easily cool plus both of us usually all go to eat at some local supplier around the corner from them. I was laboring there for a while however decided to do more freelance work so that I could travel a bit more. I was selling new Heating plus A/C technology at that Heating plus A/C supplier for a few years till I decided to go on our own. They have a good crew there plus I still enjoy to go back plus hang out with them when I have some free time to kill. I will actually work in the Heating plus A/C field for another many years or so plus then just focus on music for the rest of our years. I am going to go down there soon once I get this writing done plus have some fun with the workers while they do their thing at the heating corp.


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