I’m ditching it

I have had a smart thermostat going on 3 months now. And I have to say that I am totally not happy with it. The smart thermostat is too much of a hassle for me and my lifestyle, so I have decided that I am getting rid of it. I am going to go back to the basics of either a digital thermostat or a dial thermostat. These things are easy cut n dry for me. You do not have to control it on some computer or cell phone app. You just walk over to it and turn it on and your central heating and air conditioning system will work just fine. The other week I lost my cell phone and as a result I could not use my central heating and air conditioning system! It was a good thing it happened to be a day where heating or air conditioning was not needed. Otherwise I would have been up the creek. Had I had a regular thermostat like a dial thermostat or a digital thermostat nothing like this would have ever happened and would not have to rely on a phone app or computer app just to run my central heating and air conditioning system unit. Lord knows why they even made smart thermostats. The concept is nice and great, but there are so many flaws and issues that should be ironed out. If they ever do fix these issues, like making it to where you do not need the cell phone app to control the thermostat and the central heating and air conditioning system unit, then maybe I could give it another try.


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