The neighbor asked about my air conditioner

I have a long-standing feud with the guy who lives beside me.

His name is Kenny, and he and I have been next-door neighbors for about ten years now.

We have never liked each other, but something changed recently and our mutual disdain erupted into a feud. I would call it a feud even though I don’t really do anything to Kenny, I just put up with his bad attitude. I will admit to goading him on, and intentionally pissing him off, but at this point I just think it’s funny to make him mad. A few weeks ago I called for an emergency HVAC service after my heating unit started to malfunction. I always use the same local HVAC repair service, because they have always done right by me. When the HVAC repair team arrived and started unloading their gear in my driveway, Kenny came out to talk to them. Might I remind you I was experiencing an emergency with my heating system, so his presence irked me. The HVAC team came inside and went to work, and I went outside to confront Kenny and ask him to leave my property. Kenny asked me what was wrong with my heater, and I told him to buzz off and leave me alone. Kenny did leave my property, but as soon as the HVAC team was finished he returned and started talking to them again. He was asking them questions about what kind of HVAC system I used. I don’t know why he wants to know about my air conditioner, but he needs to just leave me alone.

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