The night i lost my phone

I can tell you that the other week I lost my cell phone somewhere in my house.

  • It was simply misplaced and not stolen.

But as a result of not being able to find my phone I could not control my smart thermostat. Which in turn this meant I could not control my central heating and air conditioning system unit unless I was to walk over to the smart thermostat and use it as a regular digital thermostat. Which this is exactly what I had to do for a whole day and night because my phone was lost. Finally I found it the next morning in the most odd place. I left it in the closet somehow when I went to hang up my coat the day before! That was a real mess up on my part. Because I should have been more careful knowing how important my cell phone was because it controlled my central heating and air conditioning system through the smart thermostat. I will make sure to never do such a thing again. I am going to be way more careful with where I put my cell phone and make sure I never misplace it again. Because then if I do not have my cell phone, it defeats the whole point of having a smart thermostat! That app on the cell phone is a very important thing to get the best out of the smart thermostat without a question of a doubt. I will for sure be way more careful the next time.


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