Getting through the day with coffee

My body has been in hibernation mode ever since the temps dropped a few weeks ago.

Maybe it is an critter instinct or something, but ever since the sunshine started setting earlier plus the temps getting colder, I just recognize love sleeping most of the day plus not doing much of anything.

The fine area about Winter time for myself and others is I can get to bed earlier plus wake up earlier, as opposed to the Summer where I would be on the beach till 11pm playing ball. I’ve been sleeping better too since turning off the a/c, which seems to blast into our room plus wake myself and others up a lot. The vent blows directly onto our bed plus there is no way to adjust it differently, so now I am getting the natural weather conditions control from the cold evenings plus not needing to run the cooling system at all anymore. I don’t guess I will run the heat at all this Winter time for sleeping as I love it quite cold in our room all evening. I have some massive fluffy comforters to keep myself and others warm, so running the central heating or a space furnace would make myself and others recognize way too hot. But in the day it can be legitimately cold so I may end up running the furnace a bit to take the chill out of the air, the sunshine usually heats the place up in the day as it shines through our sliding glass doors plus heats up the wood flooring almost love they were radiant floors. It works out great this way at least.

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