I was very happy with the progress

I want to get our Heating plus A/C method running well before I go to the States, because when I come back here there won’t be any remnants of warmth outside plus our flat will be legitimately cold too.

I will return in the middle of January plus start up our cold water swims again, but when I do, the water is going to be much colder than it is right now.

I guess the water will cool down to about 50F by the time March rolls around, testing the limits of our skin’s tolerance to the frosty waters. I want our oil furnace running well because I will use it a lot after those cold swims to warm myself and others up plus stop our shivering. I also take a sizzling bath after the swim to expedite the process. I have to set our sizzling water boiler’s thermostat to the high heat setting so when I fill up the tub I won’t run out of sizzling water. I’ve been doing these cold water swims for a few years plus haven’t had a single cold or ailment since doing so. I did have a single instance of hypothermia, but that was our fault from staying in the cold water way too long. I guess I am area shark or something! I also have a gas fireplace I use to keep our residing room warm, although I don’t run it so much anymore since cutting up with our lady. All of us used to rest by it plus snuggle, plus doing it alone just does not supply myself and others the same feeling.

Central heating