My uncle started his own A/C business

My parents were going on a business trip while on holiday, but they asked my aunt Chris and his partner to take care of me while away! My uncle Chris is my father’s close friend, but we constantly consider him part of our family.

His partner, auntie Grace, is also friendly and my mom’s best friend. They have a child called Maureen! We study in the same school, I was easily excited to spend part of my holiday with them. They own a heating and air conditioning business, and uncle Chris is also a heating and air conditioning worker. During my stay there, I often visited my uncle’s business and l learned more about heating products and how some of them work. He also explained that he offers his customers heating and air conditioning maintenance services and gas furnace/heater repair, then as I walked around the shop, there were so many devices and some I had never seen before. I even heard a client asking for a device that offers heat pump service. I was inquisitive, and I kept asking my uncle multiple questions, and he decided to teach me about all the heating and air conditioning equipment. He kept giving them unusual names, such as the gas furnace filter, heat pump, and gas furnace, and he also sold heating and air conditioning systems. He was pretty knowledgeable about the equipment! Before he started his own business, he used to work in a heating and air conditioning contractor as an heating and air conditioning repairman. He later decided to start his own heating and air conditioning business since he enjoyed now working with the equipment. He sells quality heating devices to help with indoor comfort. I loved my stay there and l learned a lot from uncle Chris. The first part of the holiday was already significant, and I was looking forward to having a charming time when my parents returned from their trip.

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