Short term housing rental can be ideal to digital nomads

My fiance and I are thinking of becoming digital nomads, however currently, both of us both labor from home, which means both of us can labor from somewhere in the world! And while an exotic island sounds perfect, both of us are planning on starting our journey here in our own country, and perhaps when both of us get used to the lifestyle, both of us might consider other sites; Becoming a digital nomad is no simple feat as there are certain decisions that both of us need to make, and one of the main 1s is what to do with our home. Both of us will be traveling for most of the year, so our cabin will be empty, however my fiance doesn’t want to sell the cabin and would like to keep it as a short term housing rental property with a month to month lease option… He believes that this option would be best because if both of us ever decided to return home, both of us would have a locale to come back to; I don’t mind using our home for short term housing rental because at least both of us would be able to cover some of the mortgage, which means both of us could save money while both of us are traveling. Neither of us have ever managed any rental property before, so this would be a new venture for us. I have gotten advice regarding renting furnished hoses from a family friend who recommended a short term housing website that they have used in the past. I have already done some research and I am comfortable in what I found, and so, I believe that both of us will be placing our cabin for rent soon. And hopefully, when both of us do system on returning home, the adaptable leasing option would be able to labor out well for us.

short term house rentals