The roofing compnay thought I was a layman.

For the last twenty years, I had been a roofer until I fell off a ladder, and the customers’s dog was running under the ladder.

Just I stepped onto the top rung, the dog darted under the ladder plus sent it sliding sideways, and i tried to grab onto the roof, but I couldn’t quite get a enjoyable hold of it.

Three weeks later, I was still in a hospital reuseing from a broken back plus hip. I hadn’t worked since, plus now I needed to have my roof replaced. I called a roofing business plus asked for a estimate to have my roof replaced, then he showed up at the beach house plus started doing an estimate, plus I almost fainted when I saw the bottom line. I hadn’t worked in a year, but I didn’t guess the price of roofing material had gone up so high! Nor did I guess the wages of non-contract roofers had gone so high. I knew there was a problem, but I wasn’t sure how to approach this man. He seemed to be the style of person who thought he knew everything. My partner came beach house five thirds later, plus I showed her the quote. Before I thought, she was laughing plus told the guy I would have never tried to bilk a client this badly… She asked if I had told him I was a roofer until a year ago? The guy swallowed tough plus took the paperwork back while telling myself and others he had transposed some numbers, which made the price nearly $5000 more than it should be.
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