Hair removal choice

One of the main reasons I always visit the salon is for hair removal! I want smooth, hair free skin on my legs, under my arms plus in the bikini area, however the high-end salon offers numerous hair-removal methods! Looking for a painless plus effective process, I’ve tried them all.

There are pros plus cons to each.

I’ve seen hair-removal trends come plus go. I trust the esthetician at the salon to look out for my best interests plus only recommend safe methods. One of my least number one methods is waxing. It detachs the entire hair follicle from the root by applying heated wax to areas where there is unwanted hair. The benefit of waxing is that it’s quite long-lasting. It’s especially fantastic for getting rid of short, stubborn hairs… After numerous wax treatments, the hair that grows back is softer, finer plus more sparse; What I don’t like about waxing is that it is painful, and plus, it’s necessary to let the hair grow to a half-inch in length before scheduling the process, which is legitimately unbeautiful. I love sugaring. It is an all-natural hair removal technique that uses a paste made from water, sugar plus lemon juice. It’s applied to the skin plus then detachd by way of a flicking motion that pulls the hair out from the follicle. It gently exfoliates skin plus avoids ingrown hairs. There is no hair breakage plus it is quite long-lasting. The drawback is that sugaring is time-consuming plus the process sometimes irritates my skin. I can end up with ugly plus rather painful red bumps.

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