Not ecstatic with my apartment renter

About six weeks ago, I noticed that the back deck on a rental condo that I own had rotted! I was upset about safety and liability.

  • I am also determined to protect my investment.

I would prefer the property to continue to be worth more as the years go by, and keeping up with repairs and necessary upgrades attracts better renters and allows myself and others to collect a higher rent… When I discussed cutting out the seasoned deck and building a current structure, I expected my renter to be glad. Instead, the renter informed myself and others that she and her husband prefer to sleep in on weekends, however she was unhappy with myself and others working on the project before noon… This significantly limited the time I was able to devote to deck removal and building each week. The first afternoon I arrived to begin, her pet was loose and aggressive. I was upset about getting bit. When I finally called her to take care of her pet, I figured out that she was still sleeping. I frequently had complications with her four-year-old child wanting to spend time with myself and others while I was cutting out rotten boards, running an electric saw and using a drill. I didn’t feel it was safe for the child to be near the work zone, then completing the decks was an terrible experience. I spent a wonderful deal of time and currency on constructing a easily big and sturdy outdoor structure! Never once has the renter said thank you. I am now hoping that she and her husband transfer out. I am no longer willing to forgive late payment of the rent or the pet poop in the lawn.


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